Insurance Software

About Data Trust

Data Trust is a provider of innovative software solutions for the financial services industry. We offer an end to end solution for the insurance industry. From client to Insurer, quote to policy and most importantly first contact to commission.

Intenda joined forces with a company with more than 20 years industry expertise to bring a new state of the art software solution to market. Data Trust offers one of few systems that covers all spheres of the insurance industry, useable by any insurer, underwriting manager, brokerage or broker.


The world is moving to an ever more connected state. This is why Nebula was designed from the ground up to be a cloud solution. By utilising the power of cloud computing our clients have no need for massive infrastructure investments and have no hardware upgrade cycles. You have no more need for expensive software license costs. All you need to enter the world of Nebula is a device with a compatible browser, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet or even cell phone!

Deep Analytics

By combining multiple data sources and allowing users to ask questions of the data, fraXses provides a powerful platform for analytics. This deep analytics is the application of sophisticated data processing techniques designed to yield insight from large and multi-source data sets that can contain structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. This deep analysis involves precisely targeted and often complex queries on data sets that can be measured in petabytes and exabytes, often with requirements for real-time or near-real-time responses. fraXses adopts an approach to the process of querying this data by the use of columnar databases and in-memory analytics, thereby reducing the hardware requirements to a minimum.


One of the stand out features of a cloud solution is that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere via any device. All you would require is an internet connection.

With our role based security feature you grant access to new users to the system and group them by your organisation rules. With full control to activate and deactivate any user at any time, you donít have to worry about IT when staff changes occur.

A great strength of Nebula is the connectedness of the cloud. Underwriters and Insurers have the option to give brokers the option of viewing and verifying their data. Likewise brokerages may allow their Underwriters and Insurers access to quote, process claims and approve business. All of this governed with our role based security and workflow.

Your Product Your Way

With our customisable user interface Nebula can be rebranded to your corporate identity. All systems need not be the same. We know your business is unique, so why canít your system also be?

Data Linking

The foundation of the Nebula solution is the ability to link data. It couldnít be simpler to link your clients to your insurance products. Linking enables you to change your product in one place and dictate who receives the change, we understand that not every business is exactly the same and this is in mind we designed Nebula to cater for your business your way.

Our linking system is not just for products but can be utilised on any level of the system. Be it linking an extension to an endorsement or even a father and a son.


Contrary to popular belief a cloud solution is much more secure than any offline system can ever be. With daily backups, on and off site you need not worry about any catastrophe. Nebula will have you covered.

Our partnership with a world class data centre ensures that your data is looked after by leading industry experts. The economies of scale that Data Trust brings, means you can have peace of mind without breaking the bank.


With world class business intelligence Nebula brings a new dimension to the managing of your business. Our role based business dashboards give each business unit the data they require to work effectively. With real time reporting at your fingertips you donít have to wait days, weeks or even months to know what is happening in the world around you. Instantly have access to all quotes, cancellations, commission earned and even compare your data with your historical averages.

If you feel inspired by this new dimension of data mining and reporting in your business you could design your own.

Nebula Advantages

SINGLE CLIENT RECORD: Nebula brings its unique duplicate detection to the table so you can be rest assured any commercial or private client can only be added once.

COMPLIANCE: With the integrated workflow you know you comply from the get go.

EVER EVOLVING: If Nebula is updated you donít have expensive upgrade and call out costs. Receive your update instantly or on a timed schedule.

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: With an integrated document management solution you have no need to worry about losing any documents ever again.

QUOTING ENGINE: With our integrated quoting engine you donít need a different provider, get your quotes instantly and effortlessly within Nebula.

CLIENT COMMUNICATION: Communicate with your clients directly from within nebula be it via SMS or e-mail.

CLIENT ACCESS: Empower your clients to maintain their details and cut down on your admin. A first in the insurance industry!