Intenda UK Ltd, United Kingdom

Company Overview

Intenda was founded January 2001 in South Africa and now has offices internationally in South Africa and the UK. Intenda is a distinguished and dynamic market leader in business application suites (Full Source-to-Pay and Governance Risk and Compliance solutions as examples), for niche industry markets as well as a specialist in bespoke application development across industry sectors.

Intenda is a leading international provider of Procurement and Supply Chain excellence, delivered through our software solutions, professional services and expertise within this area. Intenda enables companies to maximise financial performance and optimise commercial risk. Intenda believes that the key factor in any IT solution delivery project is personnel and the team to make this happen for you. In this regard we have precise, market leading Intellectual Property (IP) amongst our staff to present you with exactly what you require.

Meet our team

Our team are very talented and with a combined 80 years + in this industry can deliver your requirements.

Mr. Etienne Fourie


Mr. Herman Fick
Managing Director

Mr. Jacobus van Niekerk
Technology Director


Mrs. Nicolette Fick
Director of Bespoke Solutions

Our people are the best. Our future depends on it. We’re one of the best companies to work for but we also have some of the best people to work with. The smooth running of our company relies not just on our in-house technologies, methodologies and infrastructure, but the commitment and passion of the more than 100 people working at Intenda.