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Item level traceability and operations visibility
Item level visibility in operations addresses all open loop type supply chain operations as well as closed loop type in-house operations. Operations visibility starts with electronic data capturing of the handling of materials, finished goods, stock, merchandise, assets and documents in your organisation over its entre footprint, i.e. enterprise-wide.

This approach takes visibility of operations to the next level of granularity, namely the ability to drill down in your operations information management system from aggregated monthly operational figures to a specific handling event of a specific item, case, pallet, or consignment by a specific person in a specific location at a specific time and date.

Item level operations visibility adds an auditable accountability profile to each step in the operations value chain. Each item-handling event is recorded in terms of type of handling event, the item being handled (i.e. primary unit, case, pallet, or consignment), the person handling the item, the location where handling takes place and a time and date stamp. This way an audit trail builds up in terms of which accountability is recorded in a forensically hardened environment.

Electronic data capturing enables real time dashboards on enterprise-wide operational activities for different audiences in the organisation, with drill down capability to specific item handling events. Typical audiences include, amongst others, operators, supervisors, managers and executives.

Item level traceability and operations visibility provides visibility to supply chain activities upstream and downstream in the supply chain down to end-user behavior. That means that you can see, based on mutual agreement, item-handling events from manufacturer right up to end-user consumption and receive information of mutual interest.

Commercial systems capable of universal item level visibility offers a secure web-based environment within which operations information can be shared with authorised role players, even if these role players operate in different organisations and/or on different network domains.

Operational data and information integrity is ensured through the use of electronic data capture techniques to record operations events anywhere in the value chain and the use of the organisation’s own operations governance rules, procedural rules and business rules to manage each data capture event with full violation detection and notification capability.

Links with other existing enterprise-wide systems to exchange item level traceability data (e.g. production systems, warehouse systems, order processing systems, tracking systems, financial systems, HR systems) become easy to implement because of the webbased environment in which the solution operates.

A universal item level visibility system acts like an umbrella overlaying the total enterprise information management systems structure whilst it records and exchanges item level traceability data to complement existing systems where required.

Item level traceability provides enhanced operations visibility, increased ability to control the organisation’s operations and, through careful planning and implementation, leads to greater operational efficiencies.